The Kottal Family

The foundation for the kottal's in Denmark
Marie og Maximillian
Kottal, ca. 1935.

This website is a meeting place for everybody with the surname kottal. We are trying to build a familytree, just to see how far back in time, we can track peoble with the name kottal.

We Bent kottal, Ib kottal, Johnny kottal and Frank kottal meet's 4 times a year to discuss and plan what to focus on next, in regards of the family.

The foundation for the family in Denmark, you can see on the picture to the right. On the picture you see Annemarie and Maximillian Kottal.

Annemarie Kottal, daugther of glasworker Jacob S˘derlund, was born the 30. september - 1984, in Lathi (50 km north of Helsinki) Finland / Suomi. In Finland there is still a big family with tha name S÷derlund, some years back we had contact with that part of the family.

Maximillian Kottal came to Denmark in 1901, and i sborn the 20. April 1877 in Stubenbach - Austria, today Tjectnia. Maximillian was GLASPUSTER, and like many others at that time he traveled from town to town, working and learning. Originally his goal was The factory Royal Copenhagen - in Copenhagen, but on the way in Odense he meet Annamarie and fell in love. They lived in Odense ever since.

They where merried in the roman katholian Skt. Maria church the 12. september 1903 in Odense.